Core Image Studio Inc. Is the home base of Newfoundland born imaging and sound design producer, Justin Spencer Dove. Since 1997, Justin has created custom audio branding/sound design for top rated stations and companies in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto and around North America via SiriusXM. Core Image Studio is a full service audio production company that specializes in custom audio branding and sound design for broadcast. Currently, Core Image Studio workings can be heard on over 1000 media outlets, world wide. Core Image Studio services are available via cash or by barter world wide.

My Work

RonT-OMF-WEEI Boston Sample

Modern Sports Sound Design



Patriots Superbowl 53 - Feb2019

WEEI - Justin Dove 2019

Sonic Survival Kit - V1

  • 61 Music Beds (Strings, guitar, atmosphere and EDM based)
  • 127 Impacts, Indents and guitar work parts
  • 10 Moog based short efx
  • 5 Starters

From the sound design mind of Justin Dove comes

"Sonic Survival Kit - V1"

A unique collection of intense music beds, guitar work parts, impacts and indents.

The complete imaging tool kit.

High quality imaging work parts that captivate the listener and blow up your studio monitors! For the low blow out and buy out price of $59 US.

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Cash Contact: Justin Dove: studio@coreimagestudio.com


Justin is one of the preeminent imaging production guys in North America. WEEI counts on him for his innovative, fresh, and creative imaging on a daily basis and he never disappoints. His passion for the business and work ethic are unmatched. No question, Dove is one of the best in the business and we're proud to have him at WEEI.

Joe Zarbano Program Director
93.7 WEEI Boston
WEEI Sports Radio Network

Imaging is like pizza, and I take my pizza to the next level by dunking it in ranch dressing. JD3 is ranch dressing for your imaging pizza.

Miles Hlivko Imaging Director, KIIS FM | Los Angeles
National Programming Group Alternative Imaging Director

JD3 is my new secret "go to" for contemporary elements that sound like today's music. Lots of inspiration in this one! I'm going to make it my bitch.

John Kerber Creative Director
SiriusXM Music Channels
New York City

JD2 offers a distinctively new sound when it comes to radio imaging. Modern, sleek, kick ass beds and sfx I use on the regular!

Dom Nero Creative Services Director
HOT 97
New York City

Justin is as passionate as anyone I’ve ever encountered when it comes to Audio Imaging and Sound Design and he’s taken that passion and poured it into creating JD2. It’s a solid, modern sound that gives us that powerful image we look for.

Timothy.L.Thomas Production/Imaging Director
ESPN Radio Network

I even put these effects before I start my sentences when talking to my PD! JD3 is that powerful!!!

Andrew Smooth Imaging Director
POWER 106 - Los Angeles

An imaging package any CHR producer should put on their wish list. Modern, contemporary beds and sfx with edge. JD2. Cuts!

Ron Tarrant Sound Design / Imaging Producer
The Howard Stern Show
New York

JD2 isn't as painful to listen to as I thought it would be. Justin is. But I try not to listen to him ever.

Kyle Taylor Creative Director
Toronto, Canada

I've known Justin for years. His attention to detail makes his imaging blaze. The sound design elements F***ING quake your DAW. I love it!

George W. Robinson Voice Talent/Producer
Atlanta, Georgia

Justin is a producer who gets that truly great imaging isn't about creating sound that is heard but is making sound that people can see. It was this understanding that made him stand out when we worked together. Now, with JD2 he provides a distinct and modern imaging sound that will help others achieve the same.

Paul Kaye VP/Product & Talent
Rogers Radio
Toronto, Canada


E-mail: studio@coreimagestudio.com

P: 1-416-459-4118